An Entire 84 Percent of Vegetarians Begin Eating Meat Once Again

An Entire 84 Percent of Vegetarians Begin Eating Meat Once Again


A new study quoted by the Daily Mail shows that 84% of vegetarians begin eating meat once again, with 53% of those going back to a meat menu after one year of vegetarianism.

More than half of vegetarians are tempted by meat delicacies after a year of eating their substitutes and a third of vegetarians go back to eating meat after just 3 months.

Former vegetarians say that they received no support from friends in order to keep to their diet. The people who ate meat around them tempted them way too much. Plus they did not like the attitude of meat eaters, who labeled them as strange.

Awhile ago, Australian scientists stood in opposition of the vegetarian way of eating because according to their research, people who don't eat meat have an 18% higher risk of developing depression.

The risk of panic attacks and feelings of anxiety are 28% more likely to occur in vegetarians. A similar American study a month ago came to the conclusion that switching over to a vegetarian diet increases the risk of developing diabetes.


Studies by the Humane Research Council report that 88% of the participants often consumed meat and fish.

The extensive study was carried out among 11 000 Americans, of which only 2% followed a vegetarian regime. 10% of the volunteers declared that they had been on a vegetarian diet in the past but then went back to eating meat once more.

The research study found that the average age of people switching over to vegetarianism was 34. 58% of those surveyed shared that they chose a meatless diet in order to be healthier.

65% of former vegetarians said that they quickly went back from vegetables to meat - within a few days. The majority said that chicken was the first type of meat that they felt like eating.

Even though 84% of vegetarians begin eating meat once again, 37% of them said that they would become vegetarian once again.


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