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Flavor your Salads with Spearmint


Spearmint provides a superb fresh taste to salads but since it is an especially flavorful spice, it is not recommended to use it in excess. If you put too much, you risk your salad tasting only like spearmint.

The spice is well-suited for salads that contain beans or potatoes. Here we are offering you 3 different salads, where Spearmint is an indispensable ingredient.

Salad with Couscous and Spearmint


Ingredients: 1 cup couscous, 2 pink tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 5.5 oz hard cheese, lemon juice, salt, olive oil, spearmint.

Preparation: Put the couscous to boil. In the meantime, cut the cucumbers into slices, the tomatoes finely. Dice the cheese. Put everything into a suitable bowl and stir carefully, add the couscous at the end, that you've drained ahead of time.

Add the salt, olive oil, juice of half a lemon and chopped spearmint leaves. If you don't have fresh spearmint you can use dried.

Bean Salad

For the next spearmint salad you will need beans. To make it easier you can use canned beans. Put 4/5 cup of it in a bowl, add 4 pickles, an onion head cut into crescents, a bunch of finally chopped leeks and 4 roasted red peppers.

Stir everything very well, then add 1 teaspoon of spearmint, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. If you love spicy food, throw in a few pinches of cayenne pepper. Stir thoroughly and leave the salad to sit for several hours - this way it ends up even more delicious.

The next recipe is for a tomato salad:

Salad with Tomatoes and Spearmint

Ingredients: about 14 oz hard tomatoes, 2 red onion heads, 1/2 bunch fresh spearmint, lemon zest, olive oil, salt, black pepper.

Preparation: Wash and drain the tomatoes and cut them into slices. Arrange them in the plate in which you will serve the salad. Next, finely chop the onions and spearmint and sprinkle them generously over the tomatoes.

Combine the spices and lemon zest in a bowl and stir well. Pour them over the tomatoes and serve the salad.


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