Asafoetida Seasons Lentils and Rice Perfectly


Asafoetida is an Indian spice extracted from the roots of the plant of the same name. The plant can be found in the upper reaches of the mountains in Afghanistan.

In the Near East, India and Afghanistan, asafoetida is the highest valued spice. There, they call it the spice of the gods.

One of the indisputable properties of asafoetida is its unique taste. When added to dishes, it complements the flavor of onions and garlic ideally. This exotic spice leaves a slightly sour aftertaste.

In Ayurvedic and Indian cuisine, asafoetida is among the most commonly used spices. Different types of curry, lentils, pilaf and chickpea dishes are usually seasoned with it.

When combined with salt, it is the perfect dressing for salads. Another idea for using asafoetida is adding it when cooking vegetables such as potatoes, cauliflower and cabbage. It successfully seasons buckwheat, rice and practically any cooked dish.

It is not pretentious and goes nicely with other spices, including cumin, mustard seeds, cayenne pepper and ginger.

Asafoetida is recommended for adding to hard-to-digest meals. Because of this, it often goes into the traditional Indian recipes for most types of beans.


When seasoning dishes, a small amount of asafoetida is enough. It can substitute onions and garlic in food since its taste is a combination of these 2 flavors.

Besides as a spice, asafoetida is also used to treat flu and indigestion. Consuming it has been proven to improve gut flora and normalize functions of the intestines and stomach.

It has the unique capability of removing toxins. Plus, it lowers stress and soothes nerves.

Aficionados of exotic traditions are of the opinion that this spice, so famous in Indian cuisine, can also find a place in other conventional cuisines. Its taste and health properties are the ultimate proof of this.


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