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How to Make Crunchy Fried Carp

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Fried Carp

To make your fish crunchy and irresistible, it is of utmost importance how you will fry it. There are several golden rules to follow when preparing fried carp.

Using smaller carps for the crumbing is recommended. Once you clean them, cut them into portions and be sure to salt.

There exist many options related to preparing the carp before crumbing. One of them is preparing a marinade. It can consist of just salt and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

The carp must sit in it no longer than 20 min. Another option is to rub the pieces with onions chopped into crescents containing added lemon juice.

Add a little salt to the flour and dip the pieces in it. There are several ways for preparing the crumbing. The traditional ones are just using flour, as well as flour and egg.

A combined crumbing includes flour, an egg and flour again. You can experiment by adding bread crumbs to the flour or a crumbled flavorful herb ( such as thyme ).


The temperature of the cooking oil in which you will fry the carp is of key significance. It needs to be well heated.

A high temperature assures that the crumbing will begin to fry immediately, thereby retaining the succulence of the product. If the oil is not hot, the fish will soak it up and begin to tear apart.

Another key rule is when placing them in the pan of heated oil, to have the pieces arranged tightly next to each other. This will make the carp even juicier and crunchier.

Do not rush and put the pieces on top of each other. This will lead to them falling apart. It is also not recommended to cover the dish you are frying in with a lid. It is recommended to eat the crumbed fish immediately after taking it out.

Garnishing the carp has its own intricacies. After taking out the pieces from the frying pan, place them in a container with baking paper to drain off the excess oil. If you would like a nice aesthetic quality when serving your carp, arrange 2-3 lettuce leaves in each serving plate.

Arrange the fried fish carefully and garnish with lemons, cut into quarters lengthwise. Optionally you can also add some chopped parsley.

One of the most suitable sides for fried carp are fried or sauteed potatoes and of course, pickles.



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