We Walk 61 Miles in the Kitchen Annually

We Walk 61 Miles in the Kitchen Annually


People walk a total of 61 miles annually in the kitchen, show the results of a new British study - or in other words, the distance between Oxford and London. The experts clarify that on average, Britons take around 130 thousand steps in their kitchens yearly.

To reach these results, scientists held a study with 60 participants. It continued for 1 week, in which the volunteers carried a pedometer, which constantly kept track of how many steps each person took in the kitchen.

After 7 days, the experts checked the results and multiplied the received data by 52 - the number of weeks in the year, in order to get the final result.

It turns out that during the weekdays people go in the kitchen mostly in the morning or evening but during the weekend the traffic is significantly increased - on average about 6 hours spent in the kitchen.


The main activity remains the preparation of food - around 86% of the people do that in their kitchen. 35% also see their kitchen as a suitable place for conversation with others, while 24% use the Internet while they are there.

25% of those polled also said that they do chores. Usually, doctors recommend for a person to take 10 000 steps a day and it turns out that we take about 1400 every day in our kitchen alone.

When it's time to renovate, the kitchen is among the rooms we spend the most on - the price includes not only the new paint for the walls or new cupboards but also all necessary appliances.

Refurbishing the interior of any room can be an arduous task if one does not know where to focus their efforts. Instead of blindly following some kind of trend, renovate according to your own taste - so that you and your family feel well and comfortable.

In case your home or apartment isn't particularly large and you want to use your space as efficiently as possible, make your kitchen not just a place for cooking and washing the dishes but also a room where the family can get together and have fun.

Put in a sofa and a large kitchen table - the idea is to make the kitchen a place where every member of the family wants to go.


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