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Eat Almonds Every Day to Avoid a Large Gut and Beer Belly

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Usually after the end of the winter season when we get rid of all those layers of clothes, many of us discover that we've put on some pounds and we begin thinking about all kinds of food diets.

If you too have put on a little extra and want to be rid of that unpleasant gut and beer belly, the best option is to eat almonds on a daily basis. This is what American scientists state, whose study has been published in the "Daily Mail" newspaper.

Consuming these nuts strengthens the heart by lowering bad cholesterol and will melt away the fat accumulated in the waist area. The scientists who carried out the study explain that eating just 2 4/5 tbsp (42 g) a day is enough.

Strengthening the heart and decreasing bad cholesterol in the blood also means a lowered risk of premature death, say scientists.

The research study was carried out by a team from the University of Pennsylvania, the author being Dr. Claire Berryman. For it, the experts used several volunteers.

Consuming Almonds

They divided them into 2 groups and for 6 weeks they gave one group almonds and the other - banana muffins. After the end of the 6 weeks, the scientists conducted tests and determined the beneficial effects that almonds have.

Decreasing the amount of belly fat also means decreasing the risk of metabolic syndrome - a combination of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and obesity. Past research on almonds also show that these types of nuts decrease appetite and increase male fertility.

According to other research, people who eat almonds daily live longer than the rest. Some experts also claim that raw almonds and sesame seeds are a wonderful prophylactic against diseases such as osteoporosis.

Almonds contain a huge amount of manganese which helps fortify the bones. They also contain magnesium which plays a very key role in the correct functioning of body organs.



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