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What Do you Know about Swiss Cuisine?

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Switzerland is famous as the country with the highest standard. A perfect way of daily life, organized in the simplest way - this applies to both political and economic systems, as well as to simple things like food.

Swiss cuisine has been highly influenced by French, German and Italian culinary traditions but also possesses its own unique dishes and cooking recipes.

It is primarily composed of dishes with cheese, combined with various types of vegetables, as well as dishes with veal, chicken, game and fish.

The peculiarities of the environment and its fertility determine the main products of the typical Swiss cuisine, which today can be sampled anywhere but was born of the mountain regions and small towns. The cheese dishes with vegetables must be combined with delightful wines too.

Characteristic of the most popular national dishes, such as raclette and fondue, is the preparation, where each person "cooks" the food themselves with the others present at the table and shares products from shared plates.


Swiss baked goods are a real delicacy. Of the many types of bread, brown is most favored, while for breakfast they make muesli - a porridge of oatmeal with milk or cream, with fruits, walnuts, honey.

A true raclette dish is always made with the cheese of the same name, melted in a special electrical appliance similar to a grill, while in the meantime, each person has combined the garnish themselves over a large piece of cut cheese.

You can choose between small onion heads, very tiny pickles, mushrooms (the chanterelle is a suitable choice), young corn, red peppers and whatever else you may like.

Pour the melted contents from the raclette spoon onto potatoes that have been boiled with their skins. And not just any potatoes will do either. Suitable ones are typical Swiss, very old, tiny potato varieties.

Other famous delicacies from Swiss cuisine are fondue and rösti. To make fondue, a ceramic container in the form of a deep pan is needed, which is placed on a stand at the table, with a spirit lamp burning underneath.

Different types of cheeses are placed in several sections which then melt in the container. Long fondue forks are used to dip prepared pieces of meat or bread in it. This is done right at the kitchen table and is eaten directly from the fondue set.



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