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Culinary Traditions in Ukraine

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Ukrainian Food

Ukrainian cuisine took many centuries to grow into what it is today so it reflects not only the historical development of the Ukrainian people but also the social conditions, environmental and climate features, their habits and tastes to some degree.

Ukrainian cuisine is abundant in taste and nutrition. One of the most popular dishes is borscht - a vegetable soup made from sugar beets, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, dill, sometimes green pepper, served with sour cream. Another soup beloved by Ukrainians is rassolnik which contains pickles.

The Ukrainians invented the borscht and it became a symbol of their national cuisine 300 years ago. It is considered one of the oldest dishes. How exactly they came up with the delicious and very specific recipe can only be guessed.


Varenyky are similar to pelmeni dough products which are often seen in Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. They are consumed with a sweet sauce and with salted topping sauces. They are suitable both for a light snack and a main course as well.

Varenyky can be decorated with fresh greens. They enjoy high reverence in the Ukraine, where they even have a monument built in their honor. One of the delights of Ukrainian cuisine is varenyky with cherry jam.

Pirozhki on the other hand are made from yeast dough, the same that is used for cozonac, but are shaped into larger circles than those for varenyky. Here, the stuffing can vary - meat, braised cabbage with onions, strawberries, apples.

Another Ukrainian specialty is cabbage wraps (sarma) with chicken meat. More specifically: chicken legs wrapped in cabbage leaves, oven baked and served with a modest vegetable garnish.

Ukrainian Dishes

Generally, meat is included in the different culinary traditions of the Ukraine. During the Christmas holidays, citizens of the country love to prepare stuffed duck or goose with apples.

At the end of February, they celebrate Maslenitsa. During this "Butter Week" they make small, round, thin pancakes. Often these are served with red caviar, with meat and honey.

And of course, Easter is linked to egg coloring. In the past, they would draw on them with wax. Older Ukrainian women still use onions for coloring, while the younger generation usually just dyes them.

Ukrainian cozonac is in the shape of a mushroom and is called Paska. It is brought to church along with the decorated Easter eggs at midnight. For the holiday observance, Ukrainians also put salami and wine in a basket.

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