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Which Foods Raise Blood Sugar?

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A large majority of people associate the term blood sugar with obesity and diabetes. In truth, blood sugar is a common medical term indicating the concentration of glucose in the blood; the value shows the presence of unabsorbed free energy by the body.

The term "glycemic index" of carbohydrate foods originated in Toronto, Canada in the beginning of the 80s. Through complex measurements and mathematical calculations, Dr. David Jenkins and his colleagues proved that some carbohydrate foods raised blood glucose more quickly and dramatically after eating in comparison to other carbohydrate foods.

People with diabetes need to eat more fiber and vegetables, less sodium, fat, calories and carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. Eat more fruits and veggies, whole grain products, also learn to reduce, remove or substitute certain ingredients in your recipes. Altering recipes allows you to eat less foods with a high glycemic index, that are loaded with sodium and fat.

Experts state that it is not good for diabetics to sweeten their coffee or tea with crystallized sugar or consume sodas with sugar (except in cases of hypoglycemia).

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In addition, the foods that raise blood sugar fastest, i.e. have a high glycemic index, you must stay away from completely. These include all ready-made confectioneries - biscuits, bonbons, wafers, cakes, chocolate and other fine pastries due to their high quantities of hydrogenated fats, sugar and calories.

This same rule applies for the special diabetic versions of the recipes, where the sucrose is simply substituted with another, just as caloric sweetener (sorbitol, fructose).

Other foods that are taboo for people with high blood sugar are nuts, coconuts, as well as chicken skins. Margarine, cream and butter also fall into the category of products that raise blood sugar.

Also don't forget that carrots, parsnips, freshly made mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, beetroots and bananas have the same effect on the human body.



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