Five Products you Won't See on a Nutritionist's Food Plate


With summer looming close and the weather getting warmer, all those excess pounds and fat under our skin scream loudly to draw attention to themselves. People begin feverishly going on all kinds of diets that guarantee them to "lose 15 lb in a week with no effort".

You don't need to be an expert to know that such promises are unrealistic. All diets that promise quick weight loss are dangerous to health, have a strongly expressed yo-yo effect and are not recommended.

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Nutritionists are categorical that the key to a good body shape, combined with good health, is proper food nutrition. They advise people to be particularly critical not just toward the amount of food they eat but toward its quality as well. Here are 5 products you won't find on the dining table or in the refrigerator of a nutritionist:

Processed meat


All semi-processed meats, wieners, salami, smoked meats and others belong to this group. These products are especially abundant in harmful fats, have a high content of salt and all kinds of preservatives and additives.


Raw fish and raw meat

Consumption of raw fish and other raw meat is not recommended because raw animal products may contain pathogenic microorganisms that are dangerous to human health.

Ready-made frozen foods

Ready-made frozen foods that only need to be heated in the microwave and are ready to eat seem like the perfect solution for overly busy homemakers and people who live alone but are definitely not recommended. Usually they contain so many preservatives, spices, salt or sugar that experts jokingly admit that it would be healthier to consume their packaging instead.


Ketchup and other ready-made sauces

These sauces are not harmful on their own but if you look closely at the ingredients contained you'll discover that they have unbelievably high amounts of sugar, other sweeteners or salt.


The next time you decide to buy a lollipop for your child, think again. These multicolored treats contain amounts of sugar and a whole bunch of artificial colors that are destructive to teeth. And not only are they a hazard to your child's teeth, they can also lead to obesity.


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