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Healthy Weight Loss with 6 Small Servings Daily

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Most of us have grown up eating 3 meals a day. But if 3 are okay, 6 meals a day are the perfect lineup, thanks to which you'll see healthy loss.

When we eat small servings this allows our digestive system to optimally absorb the beneficial substances and distribute them to all parts of the body. A team of scientists has already proven that eating often but less is the key to healthy weight loss.

A study done by scientists from universities in New Mexico and California shows that this approach is undoubtedly the most proper way of lowering one's weight in a healthy manner. They explained that eating frequently lowers the probability of losing body mass that contains no fat.

Many celebrities have replaced exhausting diets with this very eating method. Perhaps the most eloquent example of these unbelievable results is the actress Jennifer Aniston, who can flaunt an amazing body shape.

When we eat 5 or 6 meals a day, this assures our body a more consistent level of blood sugar, as well as other nutrients, i.e. energy.

Eating this way, we put less strain on our digestive system and metabolism, in turn decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


3 solid meals and 2 light snacks are recommended. This way you'll speed up your metabolism and burn more calories. Many folks are misled that if they skip breakfast they'll lower their overall calorie intake for the day and lose weight faster. It is in fact the opposite.

Skipping breakfast means you'll eat more throughout the rest of the day. People who don't eat breakfast eat larger meals later, have higher levels of cholesterol and a higher insulin resistance. They are more susceptible to obesity and a bunch of diseases.

Eating right before bed slows metabolism and leads to weight gain. During sleep, all hormones and signaling molecules that regulate metabolism, deal with healing, rejuvenation and growth. So eat earlier and try to go to bed at least 2-3 hours after you do.