Culinary Traditions in Brazil


Even though not as popular as Italian and French cuisine, Brazilian cuisine can impress anyone with its diverse culinary traditions.

During the country's centuries' long existence, Indians, Africans and Europeans have all passed through its territory, with each of the different peoples leaving something behind. And this is evident not only in local traditions and customs, it can also be seen full well in Brazilian culinary traditions.

If you've decided to visit this unbelievable country, famous for its soccer players, its 2.5 mi (4 km) long beach called Copacabana, its unbelievable natural wonders, cities like Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Salvador, you simply must learn about the culinary traditions followed there as well. They vary significantly depending on what parts of Brazil you decide to visit.

For example, characteristic dishes of the northeast parts of the country are sea crabs and fish, known as vatapa, various dishes from okra seed pods, as well as the so-called acarajé, a deep-fried dish from bean flour mixed with hot spices.

If you head toward the northern regions of Brazil, there's no way not to try the appetizing dishes made from all sorts of fish and seafood and turtle meat, which they season with cassava, acai berries and Brazil nuts.

Brazilian food

The Indians and Portuguese have had a particular influence on the culinary traditions in the central parts of Brazil, handing down one of the most widespread dishes - dried meat made with cassava flour. The former was created by the Portuguese, while the Indians came up with cassava flour.

In Southeast Brazil, locals also feed primarily on seafood and fish, dried shrimp, corn flour and pastas, while in Southwest Brazil the most common dishes are from alligator meat, known as jacaré, and pan de guijuelo, a pita with cheese and cassava.

But perhaps that which is uniform in all of Brazilian cuisine, despite its diversity, is the preparation of feijoada - a dish consisting of beans with meat and various spices. It is considered the nation's specialty by many and is the one thing you have to try if you find yourself in Brazil.

Other Brazilian recipes to try: Brazilian tacos, Brazilian Brigadeiro, Brazilian egg dessert, Brazilian fudge balls.

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