Say Goodbye to Stress with a Handful of Blueberries and Almonds
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Say Goodbye to Stress with a Handful of Blueberries and Almonds

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Get rid of stress with a few blueberries and some almonds. This is experts' advice since blueberries are rich in beneficial substances - they contain large amounts of vitamin C, as well as precious antioxidants. These substances are the ones most needed by the body during times of stress, explain scientists.

Almonds are an important source of vitamins B2 and E - these 2 vitamins bolster immune system function, add the experts. In fact, almonds give a person the opportunity to relax. To calm the nerves, it's recommended to consume more milk - it is a good source of energy.

Your diet can also be complemented with oranges, well known for being rich in vitamin C. They can be consumed in 2 ways - either as a fruit or as juice, depending on your preference. Scientists claim that the high levels of vitamin C in the orange fruits will almost immediately have an effect on stress.

There are of course other products that lower cortisol (a stress hormone) levels. These include oatmeal, asparagus, mussels, peanuts, beans and dark chocolate. Experts explain that the complex carbohydrates found in oatmeal help to release serotonin, which suppresses stress.

Asparagus contains enough levels of folates to elevate a person's mood once he has eaten some of them. Mussels, in turn, affect not only mood but the immune system also, plus they have an abundance of zinc.


White beans are known to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Peanuts and dark chocolate also provide a feeling of peace, say experts. But no matter what food a person eats, they need to be careful with the amount and not overeat.

Besides with food, stress can be overcome with a short break, a.k.a. a mini vacation. Scientists from the US state that a short break is better than a long vacation.

Excuses that we never have time for a break need to go out the window because even just 2 days not working are enough for a person to give over to relaxation, researchers are adamant.

This research was carried out by experts from Duke University. They explain that it's a lot better for people to take several small vacations throughout the year (at least 4 annually), instead of taking a single month-long vacation.



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