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Products That are the Biggest Sources of Gluten


Gluten and intolerance to it are becoming an ever more serious problem in modern-day society. 1 in every 300 people develops intolerance to gluten between the ages of 30 and 45. In barely 1/3 of these are the symptoms so severe that they also find the true culprit.

In most cases, people with gluten intolerance suffer from various ailments without knowing the reason for them. A tremendously high number of children are also growing up with celiac disease. Here you will find a list of the greatest sources of gluten. Also don't forget that they have their own derivatives.

The biggest sources of gluten are:

- Wheat - wheat grains contain incredibly high amounts of gluten.

Pasta types

- White flour, whole grain, graham, various types of flour, semolina and couscous. All of these products are made from wheat.

- Bulgur - made from wheat.

- Spelt - a type of primitive wheat, containing a protein similar to gluten and has the same function.

- Durum - hard wheat with yellow grains, used to make all types of pasta. They owe their color to these grains.

- Macaroni, spaghetti and other types of pasta. They're made from durum.

- Barley and rye - they contain a protein similar to gluten, which has the same effects.

- Baking powder - flour is added to many types of baking powder. This is not mentioned in their ingredients.

- Broth cubes - some manufacturers add flour to the sodium glutamate.

- Soya sauce - the sauce is derived by fermenting soybeans with wheat flour. However there are some brands that don't use wheat flour and are safe.


- Oats - they contain a significant amount of protein that is similar to gluten. In some cases however it does not cause problems. Still, it is not recommended.

- Any products labeled to contain wheat germ, hydrolyzed, modified and plant starch, plant proteins. Usually these include cakes, millet ale, marzipan, puddings, wheat porridges and others. Other products that make the list include different kinds of sauces, ketchup, mustard, instant coffee, sausages and even alcoholic drinks such as beer.

- Anything containing starch, modified starch and food starch. Gluten may be present in any of these.

- Any sweetener or stabilizer may contain wheat. The same applies for ground spices and some ready-made spices. Starch is often added to them.



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