Pros and Cons of Consuming Raw Fruits


Eating fruits raw is recommended by the majority of experts because this way they retain their valuable substances. Also consider that most fruits should be eaten unpeeled since for many the precious vitamins are found in the rind itself.

It's important for all fruits to be well washed and to know that the quantities of carotene, vitamin C and P needed by the human body can come almost entirely from fruits. But when it comes to raw eating there are also experts who stand against it.

Here's why it's a great idea to familiarize ourselves with the pros and cons of eating raw fruits:

Pros of Consuming Raw Fruits

1. Raw fruits do not contain dangerous preservatives that we often find in canned fruits.

2. By consuming raw fruits, the body gets rid of accumulated toxins.

3. Prolonged heat treatment of fruits leads to significant loss of the vitamins found in them.

4. Raw fruits give us much more energy than processed ones.

canned food

5. Raw fruits are much lower in calories in comparison to canned, especially jams and marmalades.

6. It's been discovered that consumption of raw fruits plays a preventative role against numerous diseases.

Cons of Consuming Raw Fruits

1. Often when consuming raw fruits, people forget to wash them properly, resulting in serious indigestion.

2. In studies of women who eat only raw fruits, it turns out that a high number of them begin having problems maintaining a regular period.

3. Consuming only raw fruits is quite a bit more expensive when compared to processed fruit products.

4. In many individuals who stick to a raw food diet, there is a vitamin B12 deficiency.

5. Even though not yet fully proven, there appears to be a link between raw eating and tooth damage, especially to tooth enamel.

6. When you consume fruits that have been heat treated you protect yourself to a high degree from microorganisms entering your body.


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