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How to Prepare Healthy Fries

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Fries are among the favorite foods of both young and old alike. Unfortunately, nowadays science focuses on their negative aspects, instead of the pleasure that results from eating them.

Nutritionists around the world continue to warn that they are a source of saturated fatty acids that result from frying.

Crunchy fries have also been accused of bringing about dangerous conditions such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels and even certain cancer diseases. This scares plenty of folks and makes them give up on their greatest weakness.

It is for those same lovers of French fries who limit themselves that we have excellent news. British scientists have found out how to prepare French fries, in order to avoid the risk of cancer diseases.

They postulate that if the potatoes are fried just until golden, consuming them won't be as harmful as much as everyone thinks.

According to the Food Standards Agency, when we fry certain food products at high temperatures and they turn a darker color, a substance called acrylamide forms.


The substance in question is carcinogenic and can even be found in cigarette smoke, writes the Daily Mail. Scientists warn also that 51% of the exposure kids get to acrylamide comes from the fries, croquettes and chips that they munch on at any given opportunity.

To not have the dangerous substance form, all of these foods must only be fried to the point where they attain a very light golden color.

The same goes for toast. Bread slices should not be left in the toaster until they turn dark. If they are, they too will be carriers of acrylamide and be no less harmful than fries.

Scientists explain that acrylamide should not be underestimated in any way since it can be quite dangerous. Studies in this regard have shown that it is genotoxic and carcinogenic.

It damages the DNA and makes us susceptible to cancer. And unfortunately, children remain most vulnerable to such health problems.



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