A Culinary Walkthrough of Korea's Street Food

Korean Food

Koreans are adept at subjecting their taste buds to the delight of flavor. Normally, the sophisticated, perfect taste of a refined dish is not subject to description.

The hunger of this nation has driven thousands of Koreans to give in to culinary tourism by visiting famous restaurants offering inimitable recipes - steaks soaked in mulberry juice, sauteed meat prepared according to a thousand-year-old recipe, natural kimchi salted with seawater and filled with the ground meat of small crabs.

In urban conditions, Koreans prefer the ordinary likes of street restaurants. There the food is prepared in metal carts, the tables and chairs are made of plastic but the main element still is that unique taste of home.

Fresh calamari and octopuses are among the most favored street foods in Seoul. It's highly likely you'll smell the seafood before you even see the street vendor's cart. As a whole, seafood is among the preferred street food of Koreans, no matter how it is prepared.

These scrumptious temptations are usually in pre-measured in sealed bags. After you choose your serving, the vendors will heat it up once more so it's warm and crunchy. Among the most popular options are calamari, octopuses and small fish.

Street Food

If you're not really a fan of seafood, Koreans can offer you another street temptation - fried pig's feet. This dish, known also as Jokbal, is an inseparable part of a number of soups and stews.

Tteokbokki is among the most consumed and emblematic dishes of Korea; initially it was made with a special dressing of soya sauce.

If you're in the mood for something spicy, look for the street carts offering Tteokbokki with sauces varying from slightly spicy to exceptionally flaming hot. The dish itself consists of soft rice cakes, soaked in spicy sauce and served in combination with fish cakes.

They also have Bbopgi - sweets sold on the street. Extraordinarily delicious, these traditional Korean candies are made from a mixture of caramelized sugar and baking soda.

When combined, the 2 ingredients create a wonderful and slightly puffy dessert. Usually in the shape of a pancake, it's also offered in the form of a lollipop.

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