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Foods to Alleviate any Pain


Pain is a normal body process whose purpose is to let you know that something is not right and that you need to take the necessary measures. Pain is a direct result of inflammation of the tissues and joints, which occurs when the body encounters a disease-causing bacteria, virus or other.

No matter how natural these processes may be, pain is an exceptionally unpleasant feeling which disrupts the normal rhythm of life and subjects the body to stress. It forces it to switch to defensive mode.

But before you reach for pain relieving and anti-inflammatory pills that are so widely advertised, why not try to overcome the pain and inflammation with the aid of nature and food?

Numerous foods have been proven to have anti-inflammatory components which can reduce pain or swelling in a natural way, while at the same time boosting the body's defenses and protecting it from all kinds of diseases.



The anti-inflammatory effects of cinnamon have been known since deep antiquity. Modern studies confirm that it's rich in components which fight bacteria, help control blood sugar levels and help brain function.

This aromatic spice can be consumed as a wonderful addition to yoghurt, a smoothie and even in your daily cup of coffee.


Ginger roots contain several anti-inflammatory compounds which relieve joint pain. These components also limit the action of free radicals.

Regular use of it acts as a prophylactic against colon cancer. Ginger is a natural remedy against nausea while traveling and morning sickness during pregnancy.

Aloe vera


Aloe vera is one of the greatest gifts of nature. It acts as an immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory.

Its ability to speed up the healing of wounded or inflamed regions of the skin and fortify blood vessel walls make it an especially valuable aid against hemorrhoids, cysts, warts, acne, ulcers, psoriasis and others.

Garlic and onions

Onions are rich in compounds containing loads of sulfur. This is because of its sharp smell but it is in fact the sulfur that has a positive effect on human health.

Regular use of onions leads to a drop in cholesterol and prevention of cancers.

Garlic is a renowned immunostimulant. It cleanses blood vessels, protects against atherosclerosis, while also removing harmful substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium and others from the body.


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