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Foods That Shouldn't be Eaten Together


Experts have stated that some of the food combinations we consume all the time are actually not at all healthy and that we should avoid combining them.

Alcohol with Diet Coke

The sugar in Coke is quickly absorbed by the intestines, which also leads to the faster absorption of the alcohol you're drinking with your Coke. This raises the amount of alcohol in the blood, due to which the person gets drunk quicker, while the hangover afterward is worse.

You'll find a similar result when combining alcohol with other beverages that contain high levels of sugar.

Alcohol consumed with a soda takes about 15 min. to be absorbed, while alcohol consumed with fruit juice - 21 min.

Most experts recommend drinking alcohol with water or ice because this will decrease the dehydration that alcoholic beverages cause.

Further, to avoid suffering from a hangover the next morning, it's advised to drink alcoholic beverages slowly.

Beer with Peanuts

Peanuts contain high quantities of vitamins B, E and D, as well as the minerals sodium, potassium, calcium, iron and others, all very healthy for the body. But when in combination with beer, all these healthy properties of peanuts disappear. Other types of alcohol also destroy the beneficial vitamins and minerals in peanuts.

The most appropriate appetizers for beer are potato salad, meatballs, kebab, lukanka, jerky, popcorn, cracker sticks, shish kabob and grilled steak.

Kiwi shake

Kiwi with Milk

The consumption of kiwi with milk or yoghurt is also not recommended, even though separately these 2 products are very healthy.

A lot of folks make shakes with kiwi and milk or yoghurt, thinking them a super healthy combo but this is not the case because the beneficial enzymes of the kiwi are dissolved by the milk.

What's more, the combination between kiwi and milk will result in a substance with a very bitter and unpleasant taste.

Experts advise making shakes with milk and fruits such as strawberries and blueberries for example, which will be much healthier for your body.



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