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Beer Makes Bones Stronger


Ladies who love drinking beer now have a convenient excuse if they should happen to have one too many. The reason lies in the fact that beer can help us have stronger bones.

It's probably no wonder then that it is the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink in the world (sorry, wine).

We should be thankful to the Ancient Sumerians for this life-giving elixir, for they were the first to begin making beer in the region of Egypt and Mesopotamia.


But they probably never would have realized that they would be bequeathing humanity a precious gift. Especially since it's now clear that besides its pleasant taste, the hops liquid is also healthy for humans.

Scientists are adamant that the frequent consumption of beer can help us have stronger bones.

The malt elixir is extraordinarily rich in phytoestrogens, which help maintain bone health and are capable of keeping them stronger for a longer period of time.

Spanish experts have found that the bones of women, who drink beer regularly, are that much tougher, making it less likely for them to develop osteoporosis.

The reason the bitter drink benefits the skeleton lies in its high content of silicon. This element slows bone thinning which often leads to fractures in those suffering from osteoporosis.



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