Ideas for Quick Lunch with Chicken
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Ideas for Quick Lunch with Chicken

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Chicken meat has a lot less calories in comparison to pork and besides delightfully tasty, it's quick and easy to prepare. And in our hectic daily lives, this is of exceptional importance. Let us now offer you 3 tried and true recipes for a quick lunch with chicken meat:

Dietary Chicken Steaks

Ingredients: 3 chicken fillets, 2 onion heads, 1 cup mushrooms, salt and black pepper to taste, 3 tbsp soya sauce, 2 tomatoes.

Preparation: Cut the chicken fillets in 2 parts each, to get thin steaks, season them with salt and black pepper. Bake them in a Teflon-coated pan until they gain a golden color.

You don't need to use oil but you do need to move the steaks regularly so they don't burn. Once they're ready, pour soya sauce over them.

After each serving of steaks, place the cut into strips onions and mushrooms in the pan and once they're ready as well, put the chicken steaks back in. Serve them along with the roasted vegetables and sliced tomatoes.

Fried Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Ingredients: 10 chicken wings, 2 tbsp honey, 2 garlic cloves, 1/3 cup soya sauce, several bunches of dill, oil for frying.

Preparation: In a bowl, mix the pressed garlic, soya sauce, honey and finely chopped dill. Wash the wings and divide them in 2 if necessary.

Dry them and fry them in the oil until golden on both sides. As soon as they are ready, dip them in the soya sauce and remaining spices and serve with a salad of your choice or other type of garnish.

Chicken Bites with Sesame

Ingredients: 4 chicken fillets, 3 eggs, 5 tbsp flour, 2/3 cup sesame seeds, oil for frying, salt and black pepper to taste.

Preparation: Wash the chicken fillets, cut them into bites and leave to drain well. If necessary, dry them with paper towels.

Season with salt and black pepper to taste. Roll each bite subsequently in flour, dip in the beaten eggs, then in sesame seeds and drop it to fry until golden in the preheated oil.