The Easy Way to Make Quesadillas at Home!
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The Easy Way to Make Quesadillas at Home!

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Mexican cuisine, known for its extensive use of products such as beans, corn, chili peppers, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, skillfully combined with aromatic spices, is among the most widespread not only in America but in all of Europe as well.

There's hardly a person who hasn't tried or at least heard of Tex-Mex cuisine, of all the various Mexican seafood specialties, traditional guacamole and especially the pitas known as tortillas. The latter have transformed into a symbol of Mexican cuisine, with the so-called quesadillas being particularly popular among them.

Quesadillas are in essence tortillas that taste like bread, which are filled with cheese and fried sausage with eggs. It is in this form that they bear the name "quesadillas". They are typically made with corn flour but in the northern parts of Mexico cooks prefer to use unrefined wheat flour.

The filling is easy to make, as well as the tortillas themselves, so there's nothing to stop you from preparing your own quesadillas at home. Here is the traditional recipe for quesadillas, and if you don't have corn flour available you can easily substitute it with wheat flour.

Ingredients: 2 cups corn flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 3 tablespoons oil, 3 tablespoons butter, 1/2 cup water, 9 oz cheese, 5.5 oz sausages, 1 onion head, 5 eggs.

Preparation: Mix the flour and butter in a bowl and gradually begin pouring in water until you get a stretchy dough. Use about 1/2 cup water but if necessary you can add some more. Ultimately you have to get a dough that is easy to work with. Leave it to sit covered with foil for about 30 or 40 min.

Salsa quesadillas

Then divide it into 20 small balls, about the size of an apricot. Roll out each one into a thin and round crust, about 3″ (8 cm) in diameter. Toast these pitas on both sides on a grill or grill pan and put a slice of cheese in half of them, then fold them in half.

Separately, braise the diced sausages and chopped into strips onion subsequently in the oil. Add the eggs to them as soon as they soften. Use this prepared mixture to fill the remaining pitas and fold them in half as well.

Put all of the quesadillas on the grill pan once again to toast them on both sides. They're now ready to serve. Optionally you can pour tomato sauce on top,