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Where do They Eat the Most Fatty Foods in the World?

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Even though the US and Mexico are the 2 fattest nations in the world, a study by Credit Suisse reveals that it is not they who eat the most fatty foods. It is the Spanish who rank #1 when it comes to the biggest fans of greasy foods.

The study also lists the other 20 countries from around the world who eat fatty foods most frequently.

Coming in after Spain, where 45% of the population eats greasy food regularly, is Australia, with 42% being loyal fans to fatty foods.

Samoa, France, Cyprus, the Bermuda Islands, the Ukraine, Polynesia, Austria and Switzerland are the countries where 41% of the population consume oily foods on a regular basis.

In the US and Italy, people who eat greasy food the most make up 40% of the countries' populations. After them we have Canada, Iceland, Greece, Belgium and Norway with 39%.

Coming in at the bottom of this negative list is the Czech Republic and Sweden with 38% of people who regularly eat something fatty.

But the order is different when it comes to the countries with the fastest-growing obesity rates in the world, and according to researchers this is due to the fact that the amount of fat consumed does not always affect weight.

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In the Western world, it is generally accepted that fats make you fat. But the amount of fat in the body does not just depend on how much fat we eat, claim the authors of the study.

Out of the countries listed, only Spain and Australia regularly show up on the lists of nations with the highest percentage of obese and overweight people.

Researchers are adamant that greasy foods, just like sweet and sugary foods, invoke a sense of pleasure and this makes a person want to have more of that food.

The dopamine our body releases when we're eating something fatty is the main culprit which can make us become addicted to fatty foods. The effect is the same as with opiates.