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Don't Quit Eating Bread if you Wish to be Healthy!


A great many of the more well-known and effective diet plans exclude the consumption of bread and most bakery goods from their menu.

But there's no disputing the fact that eating bread has its plus sides for human health. What matters in this case is to choose a product whose ingredients you're sure of - the bread must have no added sugar and saturated fats.

The perks of eating bread and the huge variety of baked goods stem from the healthy cereals they are made from. For example, you can find bread, pitas, bagels and others, made from wheat, rye, einkorn.

As a rule, the bakery goods made from enriched flour contain a high amount of iron (an important part of the hemoglobin in red blood cells), thiamine, riboflavin, niacin (needed for the production of energy in the body), as well as folic acid (vital for heart function, skin repair, nail and hair growth; folic acid also prevents the development of intrauterine spina bifida by up to 70%).

Whole Grain Bread

Additional health benefits from the consumption of bakery goods are all thanks to any added nuts, seeds, dried fruits. They further bolster the health properties of bread due to the added unsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, while the dried fruits (raisins, cherries or blueberries) provide us potassium and dietary fiber.

Bread made from 100% whole grains is exceptionally rich in fiber. For example, wheat bran improves intestinal peristalsis, while the fiber, in turn, can prevent irritable bowel syndrome.


Experts recommend a daily dose of fiber of 38 g for men and on average about 25 g for women. 1 slice of whole grain bread provides 2.8 g of fiber.

What's more, whole grain foods have a proven benefit for people with coronary heart disease, for maintaining optimal body weight, as well as for improving brain functions.


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