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A Solid Prize to First Person Who Eats the Largest Burrito

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Huge burrito

New York Mexican restaurant Don Chingon is prepared to hand over 10% of its ownership to the 1st person who manages to eat the largest burrito made by restaurant chefs.

The specialty weighs exactly 30 lb (13 kg). It's made with the usual burrito tortilla, chicken meat, pork, rice, beans, avocado, cheese and salsa.

Managers of the restaurant that opened several months ago in the Brooklyn park are organizing a contest between the competitors, and the winner will become their new business partner.

Besides eating the burrito, any would-be challengers will have to down a margarita seasoned with powder from the hottest Indian chili pepper in the world.

Potential competitors will have to pay $150 and will be given 1 hour to finish both the burrito and margarita.

Releasing bodily fluids, such as going to the bathroom, won't be allowed, and anyone who tears up from the spiciness will be disqualified. Vomiting is also prohibited in the contest rules.


Restaurant reps say that they aren't taking any responsibility if participants harm themselves in any way. The contest will be held on October 19 in the restaurant itself in New York.

Due to the nature of the rules, food agencies in the US refuse to endorse the competition, pointing to the fact that there are absolutely no safety measures in place for the competitors. Still, they expect a lot of people to take part in the contest since it is so scandalous and curious in nature.

"Obviously, it's an interesting competition because it is so outrageous — no one can eat 30 pounds of anything in one sitting, " said George Shea, the MLE chairman.

But if someone does manage to eat this gigantic burrito, they will stand shoulder to shoulder with the record holder, who on July 4, 2013, ate 69 hot dogs in just 10 minutes, a real achievement in the world of competitive eating.