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Drink Pumpkin Juice to Boost Your Immune System

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Pumpkins make for some popular dishes worldwide. The fresh-squeezed juice from raw pumpkins can be used as well. It is exceptionally tasty and healthy.

Pumpkins are among the vegetables richest in vitamins and antioxidants. What's interesting about pumpkins is they are monoecious, i.e. the flowers have both sexes (male and female). Few know that pumpkins can be used to prepare raw juice for drinking. This is not only possible but extremely healthy also. It possesses all of the right beneficial nutrients and enzymes.

The orange-colored juice made from raw pumpkins has a powerful cleansing effect. It helps clear out arterial deposits and lowers the risk of heart diseases and stroke. It's also recommended for atherosclerosis.

Pumpkins are exceptionally rich in calcium. Juice from raw pumpkin, with broccoli and carrots, is a winning combination for strong bones.

Pumpkins are also recommended for peptic ulcers. They contain the right combination of healing properties which soothe the gastrointestinal tract by treating digestive issues. And the best option to get them into the body is in the form of juice.

Raw pumpkin juice has a significant diuretic action, it's used for heart and kidney swelling. Taking it helps rid the body of toxins and unneeded substances. For optimal results, take 1 lb (0.5 kg) of raw pumpkin daily for 3-4 months. Another option is 3.5 lb (1.5 kg) boiled or baked pumpkin per day. Pumpkin juice can be added as a detox food in your daily menu.

Pumpkin juice has been proven to boost the immune system tremendously. Consumption of it aids in increasing the production and function of white blood cells.


For targeted kidney treatment, they often use fresh-squeezed juice from raw pumpkin, not the soft flesh. The dosage is 1/2 cup a day. Besides providing treatment, the juice relaxes and improves sleep quality.

In India, pumpkins have yet another form of usage. It's been proven that liquid extract from raw pumpkin in a 1:10 000 ratio prevents the spread of tuberculosis bacteria.



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