Fresh Walnuts are a Vitamin and Mineral Bomb


Even though quite high in calories, nuts are very beneficial for brain function. Unfortunately in the majority of stores they are sold smoked, roasted or candied, which negates their nutritional value and decreases the presence of valuable substances.

So no matter how healthy nuts are, it's important to know that you should eat them raw. This applies to walnuts as well, especially fresh walnuts.

Even though fresh walnuts have a slightly bitter taste, they are healthiest for consumption in this form. Here's what you should know about these nuts and why you should eat them fresh:

- Fresh walnuts are rich in proteins, fats, phosphorus, iron and magnesium mineral salts. Plus, they have a high content of group B vitamins and valuable micronutrients.

- Fresh walnuts rank among the plants with the highest iodine content.

Fresh walnuts

- Fresh walnuts are recommended for consumption by children (but not ones that are too young, as there is a choking hazard), adolescents, teenagers and anyone suffering from anemia or having recently suffered a serious disease and need to strengthen their body.

- Fresh walnuts are well tolerated by the human body but if you do have a sensitive stomach you can remove the thin nut shell.

- Fresh walnuts are perhaps the best food for those who work mentally demanding jobs.

- Walnuts can be eaten mixed with products such as sugar, eggs, milk, beetroots and more, aside from just being added to pastries and cakes.

- Even though they are so delicious when roasted, it's always preferable to consume walnuts fresh. You can even make walnut milk by blending fresh walnuts and adding water or fruit juice to them. Thus prepared liquid is exceptionally healthy and according to the latest studies can completely replace foods of animal origin.


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