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Today We Celebrate National Sandwich Day!

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Sandwich day

Today we commemorate the 3rd most popular food around the world - the sandwich. It has countless variations and can be eaten by young and old at any time throughout the day.

On National Sandwich Day, we take a look at some recipes for sandwich preparation. They vary tremendously in the different parts of the planet. Here are the most popular sandwiches from different countries, as well as their unique names:

Katsu-sando - They've been making this sandwich in Japan since 1899. It stands out with the blending of Western influences in local cuisine and is essentially deep fried pork on white bread and cabbage.

Vada pav from India - Initially the sandwich was eaten only by the poor. However, this spicy vegetable burger, made with a potato meatball, garlic and coconut, quickly turned into everyone's favorite snack. Today it's available in all 5-star hotels.

Croque madame - This typically French sandwich comes in 2 variations - croque monsieur and croque madame. The difference is that the female version, besides ham, Emmental, Gruyere and bechamel sauce, is topped off with a fried egg.

Croque madame

Falafel - One of the most popular foods from the near East. A falafel is made from fried balls of chickpeas, vegetables, spicy sauce and tahini, all wrapped in an Arabic pita and with garlic sauce poured on.

Roti John - This Malaysian sandwich consists of a baguette filled with an omelette, lots of onions and chili sauce.

Cemita - This succulent Mexican sandwich includes an egg base, avocado, beef, white cheese, onions, herbs and spices, a bread roll and salsa.

Fischbrötchen - After the bratwurst, this is the 2nd most popular breakfast in Germany. It is a sandwich consisting of herring, pickles and fish.

Chacarero, Chile - Thinly sliced and grilled steaks, put in a roll with tomatoes, peppers and green beans, this sandwich is a genuine taste bud temptation. It's also famously called the "farmer's sandwich".

Bánh - Bánh is a Vietnamese type of bread. The sandwich is made with a stuffing of garlic, cucumbers, tofu, pork, mayonnaise, parsley, fish sauce and a little ham.

BLT - The most popular sandwich in the US, made of lightly toasted bread with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.



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