Bad News: Potatoes are the Worst Food Making us Fat!

Bad News: Potatoes are the Worst Food Making us Fat!


The potato, which originated from South America, is perhaps among the most universal vegetables. Potatoes are suitable for making delicious soups, salads, appetizers and main courses, as well as baked goods and even desserts.

They can be combined with other vegetables, all sorts of meat, fish and seafood. They are regularly present at our dining table.

Unfortunately however, studies done not too long ago have shown that potatoes are the main and worst cause of weight gain.

In this case we're talking about French fries. Here's what you should know in relation to this, how you should and conversely, should not, eat potatoes, if you wish to maintain a good body shape.

- Avoid eating French fries or potato chips, since they are made with a lot of oil and no matter how long you leave them to drain on paper towels, they still remain one of the fattiest foods.

Boiled potatoes

- When prepared properly, potatoes are exceptionally healthy. They are rich in group B vitamins, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and other valuable minerals.

- If at some point you want to spoil yourself and are really craving some crunchy French fries, prepare them the right way - in highly heated oil, take them out immediately once they're ready. If you keep them in the saucepan or deep fryer too long, they will absorb all of the oil like a sponge.

- Consume potatoes with low fat sides, never with bread, starchy foods or legumes.

- Consuming potatoes with eggs or other dairy products will raise the biological value of the proteins.

- Focus on eating potato salads or appetizers with cold potatoes. When eaten this way, the body will require more time to process them and therefore use up more energy.

- If you're following a strict calorie diet, keep in mind that a medium-sized potato contains about 105 calories.


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