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Eat These Foods Against Fall Allergies

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With fall in full swing, we also see those annoying fall allergies. Nature is unarguably the best healer, having also provided us the perfect way to counter these little seasonal problems.

Here's a useful list of the most effective fall foods against allergies:


Eating broccoli is among the best methods for clearing up the sinuses. They contain a high content of vitamin C which plays a vital role in relieving allergies. Researchers have found that about 500 mg of vitamin C daily can ease allergy symptoms. 1 teacup full of raw broccoli provides more than 80 mg of vitamin C.

Dutch cabbage

Dutch cabbage belongs to the same family as broccoli but the difference is that it has a high content of vitamin A. This substance alleviates allergy symptoms. Research has shown that people with a vitamin A deficiency often develop asthma and allergies.

White cabbage

White cabbage contains an abundant amount of carotenoids which also alleviate allergies. To make it easier for your body to absorb this healthy substance, cook cabbage leaves from 30 to 60 min. This way the beneficial substances go into the water as well and you can use it to boil rice, soup or a stew.

Garlic and onions

It's no wonder that garlic and onions are widely used in folk medicine. They contain quercetin, a substance that has proven itself in the battle against allergies; it acts as an antihistamine.



Like broccoli and cabbage, pumpkins are also loaded with carotenoids which fight allergies. By consuming pumpkin, the body obtains ample amounts of vitamin A, which is important against allergies.


Carrots are also rich in carotenoids, especially beta-carotene, which blocks allergies. It's healthier to eat carrots parboiled or smothered with a towel, rather than raw.


Nettle contains histamine, a proven substance in the battle against allergies. Eating nettle can not only soothe allergy symptoms but it can act as a prevention against them.