Tried and Tested Methods for Unsalting an Oversalted Dish


Salt is a spice present in every single dish. But we may sometimes exceed the perfect amount we need. Often we also put in less salt than the dish requires. Of course, the case of an oversalted dish is a lot more serious because even if we haven't put enough salt we can fix this mistake immediately prior to eating.

How do we unsalt a given dish and still have it be delicious?

There are several tried and tested methods that anyone can take advantage of. First of all, oversalted dishes are not healthy in the least - they can raise blood pressure, swelling may occur on the body and so on.

One way to unsalt a dish is to use potatoes. If you find that your soup or dish is way too salty, peel 2-3 potatoes, wash them well and add them whole to the dish.

The dish needs to be boiling while you're adding the potatoes, next leave the dish to boil with the whole vegetables for about another 10 min. Try the dish and you'll see for yourself the effectiveness of this method.


If you don't have any potatoes on hand, try to solve the problem by substituting the vegetables with a bread slice that you've toasted ahead of time.

Oversalted soup or broth can also unsalted using rice. Thoroughly wash half a cup of rice and add it to the dish. A cup of milk also works instead.

Dishes with sauce are relatively easy to unsalt but what do you do if you've oversalted roasted meat?

You need several things for this solution - a towel, 1 tsp salt, water and a pot to put the meat in.

1st, wet the towel well and wrap the piece of meat in it. Next, pour the teaspoon of salt over the towel and put the wrapped meat in the pot with a lid.

After about an hour, open the pot and you'll notice that crystals have formed on the surface of the towel - after completing this process, the meat will be completely ready for consumption.


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