Unhealthy Foods We Mistake for Healthy Ones

Wholegrain Sandwich

Healthy eating and the environmentally friendly way of life have grown significantly in popularity over the last few years. Psychologists have even classified an illness related to the obsession over bio- and eco-products. There are still some myths floating around about foods thought to be super healthy. Here's why today we'll familiarize you with some of these that do not actually provide benefits to the human body.


We've all seen the commercials where the kids eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast grow up to be energetic and healthy. They're easy to make and save us a lot of time but are actually one of the worst breakfast options - they contain a high amount of sugar, refined carbohydrates and a ton of preservatives - the culprits for one too many pounds. If you would like to eat healthy, exclude them from your diet.



Obviously, we're not talking about poisonous mushrooms, which are of course dangerous. What we mean is that in general, they are a food that's difficult to digest, which if not consumed fresh can cause gastrointestinal problems. In addition, mushrooms have the ability to absorb heavy metals from the soil - lead, cadmium, mercury, which can lead to poisoning. A scientifically unproven claim also goes that an edible mushroom can attain the properties of a poisonous one, if near it. So always keep that in mind!

Whole Grain Bread

A lot of people hope that when they substitute white bread with whole grain, they'll eat less and immediately lose a few pounds. Bread, regardless if it is white, brown or whole grain, has a very high glycemic index. In fact, even a very small amount of it raises the blood sugar level as much as if you've eaten a piece of chocolate. Of course, this doesn't meat eating ice cream instead of your sandwich for example, just add some kind of fruit to your menu.



This is perhaps one of the greatest scams at the supermarket. 100% natural juice should contain the juice of real fruits but is actually well colored and sweetened water. Artificial colors and sweeteners are unhealthy for the body and if you want to be sure what's going into your system, then pick the fruits out yourself and make your own fresh-squeezed juice.


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