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Some Healthy Alternatives to Unhealthy Foods!


Eating healthy is a lot easier than you think. Health food can be very delicious as long as you know how to substitute unhealthy foods with their healthy alternative. That way you won't feel guilty when you actually enjoy eating. Besides being beneficial to health, they're exceptionally easy to make:

Iceberg lettuce instead of a tortilla - The taste is the same but you save yourself about 120 cal, since there's no bread.

Unsweetened apple puree instead of sugar - Cookies sweetened with apple puree are indistinguishable from those made with sugar. But there is a difference of course. A cup of sugar contains over 700 calories, while a cup of apple puree contains about 100. It also has nutrients, fiber and pectin, which helps weight loss. Another healthy alternative is honey.

Spices instead of salt - Most spices include small quantities of salt. The more you put in, the saltier your dish will be but with the added benefits of all the spices.

Avocado instead of butter - Yes, no matter how strange it may seem, you can replace the butter in any cake, sauce, cookie or biscuit recipe with avocado. It is rich in fats and does not have a characteristic smell - the perfect combination. Other healthy alternatives are olive oil and linseed oil.


Prosciutto instead of bacon - The healthiest alternative to bacon is prosciutto. It is a lot healthier and low in calories, while it is not much different from tasty pieces of bacon when it comes to taste.

Cauliflower puree instead of mashed potatoes - The texture of mashed potatoes can easily be achieved by cauliflower as well. A cup of cauliflower puree contains just 60 calories, while its taste is soft and pleasant.

Zucchini instead of dough - All baked goods can be substituted by zucchini. Simply cut them into thin strips, boil them about 2 min. and enjoy the resulting spaghetti. All you need then is the right sauce.

zucchini spaghetti

Yoghurt instead of sour cream - Unsweetened nonfat yoghurt tastes exactly like sour cream. It can also successfully substitute those extremely high calorie mayonnaise sauces. Besides not having calories, it is a source of pure protein.



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