The Most Popular Tomato Dishes from Around the World
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The Most Popular Tomato Dishes from Around the World

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There's no vegetable more famous worldwide than the tomato. It's also the most commonly cooked because you can find it in all sorts of dishes - salads, soups, garnishes, main courses.

Tomatoes have been cultivated in Europe since the year 1500, after they were brought from the New World. Initially, people were afraid to eat them because they thought them poisonous due to their red color.

Today, however, the tomato is a beloved vegetable and has over 10 000 varieties - pink, purple, black, yellow and white. Scientists are even preparing seedlings that can grow in space.

Stuffed Tomato Dish

Even though they are delicious raw, tomatoes are preferred cooked, and Foodpanda lists the top dishes with this red vegetable worldwide.

1. Gazpacho - the cold soup is the most popular tomato soup around the world and a national symbol of Spain.

2. Tomato porridge - all across the Balkans, tomato porridge is an extremely popular dish which was also typical of rural areas in the past. It's made from green tomatoes.

Tomato Juice

3. Caprese salad - when it comes to tomato salads, the most frequently prepared one is Caprese, which also includes other ingredients that are a favorite for the majority of people - mozzarella, basil and olive oil.

4. Stuffed tomatoes - raw or roasted, with a vegetable or meat filling, stuffed tomatoes are a dish many eat with gusto. They make for a suitable appetizer but also a main course.

5. Tomato juice - tomatoes are a main ingredient of every pizza and pasta but are also used to make one of the most popular cocktails that everyone has tried at least once - Bloody Mary.