Just 1 Egg a Day Protects you Against All Diseases!


Eggs are among the most unique gifts of nature. Even though there is much debate over the supposed harmful effects they cause the body, not a single one has been proven. At the same time, the benefits of including even just 1 egg in our daily menu are beyond substantial.

Vitamins and minerals - Egg yolks contain a natural multivitamin complex. Among the most important healthy components are the large doses of vitamins A and D, which are often absent from our typical diet and there's no way to synthesize them.

Animal proteins - Eggs are a natural source of animal proteins, and some of the cheapest and most readily available at that. Up to 98% of them are absorbed by the body which allows for optimal maintenance of muscle mass. Additionally, it's been proven that egg whites reduce hunger by up to 1/3.

Cardiovascular diseases - It's now been proven that cholesterol does not increase after we eat eggs. In fact they even contain substances that help process fats and regulate blood pressure. Further, they have anti-inflammatory effects. They contain phosphatides that prevent blood vessels getting blocked by atherosclerotic plaques.

The immune system - Eggs are loaded with vitamins and biologically active substances. All of this makes them particularly beneficial for the immune system. Chicken eggs contain a rich assortment of essential amino acids which protect people who eat them from infections. 1 egg a day is enough to provide sufficient amounts of lutein that protects the eyes from age-related macular degeneration.

Boiled Eggs

Healthy bones and teeth - The vitamin D found in the egg yolk assures the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus. These substances protect against osteoporosis. Eating an egg a day guarantees healthy teeth and strong bones.

Mental function - Eggs improve mental function. They contain tyrosine which is recommended for people working a physically or mentally demanding job. Plus, they contain tryptophan which enhances production of serotonin - one of the major hormones of happiness.


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