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Eat Every 3 Hours for a Fast Metabolism

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In order to be healthily thin, it's important to find out how our body functions. Once we become familiar with it, we'll be able to change our diet in order to normalize and then speed up metabolism. This way, the pounds will melt away by themselves.

A properly functioning body is the first step toward the perfect figure. It needs all of the right substances - proteins, carbohydrates and fats. They need to be taken in a 3:4:3 ratio, respectively, at every meal, so that our metabolism works at full capacity.

The more years that go by, the harder it is to overcome our habits. Our body is programmed to overstock on fats, which it tends to burn only in extreme cases, when all other sources have been used up.

To prevent fats from becoming prevalent and to burn as much of them as possible, be careful about what you put in your plate. Put your faith in negative calorie foods. These are the foods whose digestion requires more energy than their caloric composition.

On the other hand, eating every 3 hours is the key to speeding up metabolism. Dietitians are categorical that the optimal time between meals is 2-3 hours, since this stimulates metabolism.

The rule is that the more food it receives, the faster it absorbs it. This way, subcutaneous fat is burned even faster. Long intervals between meals make the body stock up on fats, which are even more difficult to burn later.


But expediting metabolism can only occur by eating the right food. If you're constantly eating high calorie goodies, there's no way to save yourself from fat. Eat healthy food in small servings. Larger servings are allowed during the main meals of the day.

Your largest meal needs be eaten between 12 pm and 2 pm, no later. Pay attention to the fibers - besides filling you up, they stimulate the metabolic processes in your body. These are found in highest quantities in fruits and vegetables. Among the must-eat foods is fish - the best metabolic catalyst.

The body needs 4 hours to absorb food, no matter how light it is. To stimulate this process, it's good to take a walk after eating. If you've eaten a rich meal and don't get moving, you risk suffering gastrointestinal problems.