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Never Cook Bacon Like This!

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Bacon is one of the most appetizing products in the kitchen. But just because it's among the most popular foods in the world doesn't mean things can't go wrong when cooking with it. There have been some truly horrifying crimes done against bacon. And if you wish to prevent them, then avoid these commonly made mistakes when cooking it:

1. Using the wrong frying pan

You might say to yourself, "Since it has a nonstick coating then I can use it." However, this is not so. When cooking, the material which the container is made of is of the utmost importance. Aluminum cookware is much thinner and reaches optimal temperature almost right away which causes the bacon to burn unpleasantly. In this case, cast iron frying pans are the most suitable. They heat up evenly and provide an ideal crisp to your bacon. If you don't have a cast iron pan, then cook on medium or medium-low heat, while checking on it frequently.

2. Putting it directly into a hot pan

Putting bacon directly into a hot pan is another common mistake. This leads to immediate crisping and the solid fats will remain raw. Bacon needs to be added to a cold pan at medium-low temperature so that the fats can melt evenly. This way, the bacon will turn out as crispy as it needs to be.

Fried Bacon

3. Reusing cooking oil

Almost every one of us has probably asked themselves, "Why should I throw out the oil when I can use it the next time I cook." But 90% of us miss 1 crucial step - the oil needs to be strained through a very fine sieve or gauze, in order to get rid of the burnt and crunchy pieces. Otherwise you risk ruining the entire dish, as these pieces will give it a bitter and unpleasant taste.

4. Salt

When cooking with bacon, never forget that it too contains salt. If you're using bacon in your recipe, you need to reduce the amount of salt by half. After all, a dish lacking salt can be fixed but an oversalted dish remains salty.

5. Microwave

Please don't try this at home! Cooking bacon in the oven, on the grill or on the stove may take a little more time but at least you won't get that rubbery texture which only a microwave can give it.

Follow these simple rules and you'll enjoy perfect and very tasty bacon every time! :)



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