Happiness Comes with These 10 Foods
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Happiness Comes with These 10 Foods

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There are several foods which really can make us happy. This effect is not owed to their taste qualities but to the influence these products have on the body. The British Daily Mail recommends 10 foods that can bring our positivism and a wide smile back on our face:


The high content of iron in spinach gives our body energy and aids for better concentration. It is rich in vitamin B6, a major contributor to the production of serotonin, known as the hormone of happiness.

Sweet Potatoes

These types of potatoes are rich in folic acid, which is responsible for normal levels of blood sugar in the body.

Brazil Nuts

The body procures selenium from these exotic nuts. Selenium helps deal with bad mood and anxiety.

Fatty Fish

Fish rich in fat have a high content of omega-5 fatty acids. It's widely known that a low content of these fatty acids leads to depression.



These delicious green fruits are loaded with folic acid, tryptophan and vitamin B6.


Eggs provide our bodies with zinc, which plays an important role in metabolism and controlling blood sugar levels.



Yoghurt has a high quantity of calcium. This mineral alleviates the drastic change in mood, depression and anxiety.


This food is exceptionally rich in proteins. They increase energy and improve concentration.


These exotic fruits satiate hunger and improve mood between meals by balancing sugar levels. They are also brimming with vitamin B6 and tryptophan - the acid that the brain converts into serotonin.


This product that's traditional of many countries is a good source of serotonin. Whole grain bread provides less of the hormone of happiness but the energy produced from it lasts longer and will keep you full longer than white bread.