Clever Tips for More Delicious Dishes

Cooking Fun

When roasting meat, add a few onion heads to the oven dish - this way the dish won't burn, the meat will gain a more enticing aroma, while you can also then serve the onions as a side to the dish.

For a tastier liver - soak it in milk and put it in the fridge for several hours.

To prepare a more appetizing soup, braise the meat and vegetables, then pour in water.

For tastier stuffed peppers with eggs and feta cheese, add in a grated tomato and slice of crushed bread to the filling.

To prevent rice from overcooking, put it in butter, let it melt so that each rice grain absorbs some of the fat and does not overcook. For a whiter rice, pour in several drops of lemon juice into the water you're going to pour over it.


For juicier meatballs, roll them in breadcrumbs before you fry them.

To have your pitas and other baked goods remain soft the next day, add margarine instead of butter.

As for bones, skins and the bones of smoked meat - wrap them in gauze and drop them in the pot with your navy beans, green beans, potatoes.

Soak game meat in vinegar, water, bay leaf, black pepper peppercorns and an onion head chopped in 2; this gets rid of the smell and the meat won't be dry.

For fluffier schnitzels, add a little carbonated water to the beaten eggs.

Add 2 tbsp yoghurt + a pinch of baking soda to the mixture for fried meatballs.

And most importantly - cook with love and a passion!


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