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Which are the Most Addicting Foods?

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Ice Cream

Surely you've noticed that there are foods you tend to eat with a relish and can literally eat them every single day. The reason for this, according to experts, is that certain food products lead to addiction. Normally, those who are addicted to food not only delight in a particular product but are also incapable of controlling how much of it they eat.

Actually, an entire 20% of the population on Earth has a strong attraction to food, and the dependence these people develop is comparable to that seen in alcoholics and those who abuse drugs, experts say.

The most addicting foods have one thing in common - they have a high content of sugar and fat, although they can still be divided into several subgroups. The 1st type are the so-called highly addicting foods. Among them are cheeseburgers, fries, cakes and cheeses.

The 2nd subgroup contains the medium addicting foods, such as pizza, chips, chocolate, biscuits and ice cream. The 3rd subgroup contain the least addicting foods, which also have their own dedicated fans. These are popcorn, bacon, steaks, fried chicken, cereals and baked goods, reports Foodpanda.

An older study also reveals which foods are the easiest to get addicted to. Besides fries, cakes and chocolate, other addicting foods are bonbons, ice cream, pancakes, pasta and chips.


Dietitians explain that addiction to food products is a very serious condition, which must not be underestimated. All of these products that people develop an addiction to are high in salt, sugar, fats and a ton of unhealthy ingredients.

Consumption of them leads not only to weight gain, but also diabetes, problems concentrating, impaired mobility and many other problems. Eating them may provide the consumer satisfaction but realistically, it is a short-term pleasure that does more harm than good.