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Potatoes Lower Cholesterol


Many years ago people thought that potatoes were not a particularly healthy food. They contain lots of starch and calories which lead to weight gain. But over the years this turned out to be a completely wrong way of thinking.

Later it was found that potatoes contained many essential amino acids, which meant that potatoes could be eaten often, plus they suppressed the feeling of hunger. 2 lb (1 kg) of potatoes contain 800-900 calories, while the quality of proteins in potatoes is more balanced in amino acid quantity when compared to that of milk and eggs.

Potatoes also contain various micro- and macronutrients, vitamins, as well as nicotinic and pantothenic acid and starch, which lower cholesterol.

Potatoes, especially some varieties such as the red ones, contain a lot of potassium - this is why cardiologists advise their patients to eat potatoes, as they have a very beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Thanks to these properties, you can go on a potato-milk diet to lose weight if suffering from hypertension.

There's plenty of recipes with potatoes which can also have a very positive effect on the digestive system if combined with other healthy vegetables.

Potatoes with Eggs

Some good options include 1 1/5 cups (300 g) of mashed potatoes for lunch and 1 egg and 1 tbsp vegetable oil for dinner. Baked potatoes with a little salt and 3 eggs are the perfect lunch. It's best to consume potatoes boiled, baked or sauteed.



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