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What Would a Vegan World Look Like?

Darth Vader

Have you ever asked yourself what a completely vegan world might look like? One where no person or animal consumes meat and doesn't exploit other animals. Scientists reveal what might happen in one such alternative world:

Killing won't actually stop

Animals won't stop fighting over territory, resources and females. The fatal outcomes of such battles will continue.


In a vegan world, the world's landscape would look quite different from what we see today. Real life examples are plenty indicative. In 1859, 24 rabbits were set free in Australia's wilderness by Thomas Austin. The conditions for them were excellent - a shortage of predators and an abundance of food. The result after several decades was 20 million rabbits that had turned into a continental disaster.

Then we had the killing off of the wolves in Yellowstone Park in 1926, which led to a real crisis. All the animals along the food chain started to get sick and die off, while the appearance of the river shores was visibly altered. This led to an emergency reintroduction of wolves into the park.


Lack of diversity

Species diversity would be extremely limited in a vegan world. The birds in the sky will disappear, since in the real world they fly around because they're hungry and looking for food. Saltwater basins may also become lifeless.


The iron from animal origin is absorbed much better and faster in comparison to that from plant origin. This fact wouldn't change, i.e. every living thing in a vegan society would be suffering from iron deficiency.


As soon as everyone and everything turns vegan, predators and scavengers will be replaced by diseases. They will transform into the main population controllers. Sick animals will die from epidemics, while their bodies will litter the earth and water bodies. And if bacteria also turn vegan, we're going to have quite a huge problem.


A worldwide veganism would forever destroy mammals. The milk protein casein comes from animals and wouldn't fit into this type of world.

Homo Sapiens


Man forced his own evolution when he began eating meat. The brain developed after the need to hunt and kill animals for food emerged. The first stone tools humans ever created were designed to scrape meat off of bones. Going back might also reverse our evolution.

We'll all become mentally challenged

Every living thing today strives to obtain weapons for attack and defense. This arms race leads to evolution. If this is stopped, living organisms will stop their development and degenerate. All humans and animals may just simplify their construction to a bare minimum due to abundance and the lack of natural predators.



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