Follow These Tips for Super Delicious Fish Every Time

Fried Fish

I am now going to present you several important tips that will help you achieve fantastic results every time when making this delicious food - fish.

- To check to make sure that the fish you've purchased is fresh, put it in a container with water. If the fish sinks, it means it's fresh but if it floats, you might want to reconsider eating it.

- Fish broth needs to be salted at the very beginning of its preparation.

- To prevent the fish from falling apart while frying, you can cut it and salt it 20 min. prior to frying.

- If you place a peeled and sliced potato in the saucepan when frying with oil you'll significantly reduce the strong smell of fried fish.

- To prevent oil from spraying you during frying you can add several beans to the pan. You can use this trick for frying other foods as well.

- Fish needs to be fried in a pan with not too much oil, plus it's good to mix the oil with butter, as well as to leave plenty of space between the individual pieces, for a crispy crust.

Fish Soup

- To prepare aromatic and delicious fish soup, you have to make it from several types of fish.

- The meat from saltwater fish will have a softer consistency if sprinkled with a little sugar half an hour before frying.

- When frying fish, put a little salt in the hot oil and it'll obtain a golden, crispy crust.

- When boiling frozen fish, put it in cold water only.

- It's not recommended to boil carp, bream and various species of eel because the broth tends to end up bitter-tasting.

- Once the water comes to a boil, when boiling any type of fish, reduce the heat to a point where the water barely simmers. You can check to see if the fish is properly boiled with a toothpick. Stick it into the meat and if it pierces it easily, it means the fish is ready.

- If you're trying to clean a slippery fish, you can dip your fingers periodically in salt to make the process easier.

- If you'd like to remove the skin of the fish, spray it with vinegar - this makes the skin come off easier.

- To clean a fish well from its scales, dip it in hot water first and then place it in a container with cool water and vinegar.

Follow these tips. I guarantee an excellent result every time!

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