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Surprising Applications of Salt


Vegetables boil quickly and retain their nutritional value to a great extent when boiled in salted water.

After washing, soak green salad and lettuce for 10 to 15 min. in salted water to remove any worms.

Parsley and dill remain fresh and aromatic longer if thoroughly salted.

Eggs don't crack when boiled in salted water. Sauces made from flour become smooth when diluted with some salted water.

The aroma of coffee improves and strengthens when several grains of salt are added to it.

Yeast is preserved longer if buried in fine salt.

To cool a dessert or dish faster, place it in a container with cold, highly salted water.


You can clear up cloudy oil if you add 1 full teaspoon of salt for every 4 1/5 cups. Leave it to sit for 3 days and then carefully pour it into another container.

To check how fresh your eggs are, put them in a strong solution of table salt (1 cup of salt in 4 1/5 cups water). The perfect fresh egg will immediately float to the surface, an egg laid 2-3 weeks ago will sit in the middle, while a rotten egg will sink to the bottom.

To easily clean a heavily burnt pan or pot, sprinkle a thick layer of salt on the bottom and let it sit several hours. Using the same method you can remove cigarette stains from tin-glazed or porcelain ashtrays.

You can get rid of greasy stains from your kitchen oven by thoroughly salting it when it's hot and rubbing them off with paper.

You can clean a pan very well by rubbing it with a soft piece of paper and salt while it's still hot.

When a dish spills out onto your stove, sprinkle salt immediately on top. This prevents smoke from forming and a bad smell in the kitchen.



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