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Ideas for Alternatives to Popcorn and Seeds in Front of the TV

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The vast majority of people are used to combining eating with TV. Besides having dinner with the TV on, every time we sit down to watch a movie or show we always have something to snack on in our hand - popcorn, sunflower seeds, chips and a ton of other unhealthy things.

Overall, eating whatever it might be in front of the TV isn't the best idea. After dinner we're plenty full to keep eating. Over time this practice has turned into a habit and we just can't sit down in front of the TV without a bag of popcorn straight out of the microwave. When the habit becomes too strong and we can't unlearn it, we have to have at least a few healthy options, which to add to our TV diet.

The easiest and healthiest solution is snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables. To make it more interesting, cut them into unusual shapes or make fruit shish kebab - fun and healthy.

Another healthy alternative is dried fruits. But be careful when buying ones from the supermarket because in most cases they've been processed with all kinds of chemicals. Just make them yourself. Besides being healthy, they help in treating many kinds of diseases.

Dried Fruits

Nuts and seeds are also suitable for eating in front of the TV, as long as they are raw. Roasted and rolled in salt and flour, peanuts for example, become an extremely unhealthy food in the late hours of the day. And still bear in mind that if you decide to go for raw nuts and seeds, they are quite caloric and contain a lot of fat.

Admirers of healthy vegetarian recipes simply must try boiled chickpeas. Soak the chickpeas early in the morning and leave them until the evening. Boil for 10 to 20 min. and they're ready. If roasted, they become even more appetizing. However, boiled chickpeas are healthier. You can season them with corn, butter or real parmesan to taste.


Among the popcorn and seeds substitutes we also find appetizing homemade bruschetta and croutons. When you make them at home, you know what you're eating, as opposed to store-bought croutons or bread cubes.

But if you simply must have popcorn, it can be healthy too. To make it so, you'll need to find kernels suitable for popping. Their price is double in comparison to ready-to-pop packets but at least you'll be in control of the additives, salt and fat you add.



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