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Armagnac - the Symbol of Luxury and Good Taste

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Armagnac is traditionally considered a French beverage but historically it is closely tied to 3 different cultures. The vineyards in France were planted by the Romans, the Celtics brought wooden kegs, while the Arabs invented distillation.

The beverage was first made in the French area of Gascony, while sales of the first prototype of the present-day version of the drink began in 1461. Armagnac began to appear on the worldwide market back in the 16th century.

Armagnac, along with cognac, belongs to the class of grape brandy but that which distinguishes it from brandy and cognac is that a lot more varieties of grapes are used in its production. At least 10 varieties of grapes are needed to make true quality Armagnac, while just 1 variety is enough for brandy and cognac.

This amber liquid is an aristocratic drink, a symbol of luxury and good taste.

And no matter how strange it may sound, Armagnac has beneficial properties - in fact the beverage was used as a medicine initially. It was said that small doses of the drink could preserve youth, as well as maintain mental clarity. It's believed to be effective against toothache and to help disinfect the mouth.

To fully enjoy the taste of this drink, before you begin you need to take a relaxing break. Then pour Armagnac in a glass and leave it for 15 min.

Before you take a sip you must first breathe in its aroma. This method enables the finest and most delicate taste of Armagnac to be revealed. Experienced tasters accurately determine its quality in this way. Drink the beverage slowly and hold it in your mouth for a bit.

It can be combined with champagne and orange juice. To soften the taste of the drink you can eat quality chocolate, as well as different kinds of desserts, it also goes well with a cigar.

In the culinary world, Armagnac can be used to create a myriad of dishes, to flavor biscuits and cakes, to season salads and is a wonderful addition to meat. And what would a steak cooked Paris-style be without Armagnac?



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