How to Cool a Beverage in Less than 2 Minutes


There is a way to cool a beverage in less than 2 minutes and all without using the freezer. If you're in a hurry to drink a cold beer or soda, then definitely check this method out.

You can see how to conduct this experiment in the YouTube video titled "How to Cool a Drink in 2 Minutes". The clip shows how to make a drink ice cold with minimal effort.

First, pour a little water into a bowl, then fill it with ice. Add 1-2 tsp of salt and stir. Then place your beverage in the bowl.

Stir again after 1 min., and when 2 min. pass, check to see if the beverage is indeed cold.

At the beginning of the experiment, we're told that the temperature of the beverage we're about to cool is 75°F (24 °C), and after it that it's fallen down to 41°F (5 °C) - perfect if you'd like to drink something cool.


You don't need to be a scientist to figure out the function of the ice but why is salt added as well? The answer is that the salt helps the ice in the bowl melt faster and take away the drink's heat. This in turn causes the can or bottle to cool faster.

The Laws of Thermodynamics also have something to say about the issue - 2 substances of different temperatures will reach thermal equilibrium over time. And since we don't want to turn our liquid beverage into ice, all it takes is 2 min. to make it cold.

This household trick actually isn't anything new, it's been used in the time before the invention of the fridge. The combination of salt and ice was frequently used to cool something quickly when temperatures outside were high and people felt like drinking something cold.


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