The Most Suitable Drinks for the Summer Heat Waves


Dehydration and the feeling of thirst are common during the summer season. We drink a lot of liquids but our thirst isn't always quenched. We often turn to carbonated and artificially flavored "anti-drinks". Besides being caloric and containing ambiguous ingredients, sweet carbonated beverages are bad for your teeth and digestive system. At the same time, drinking too much soda can lead to numerous diseases.

One quite elegant way of dealing with thirst is cooled white wine, diluted with mineral water. Besides a refreshing effect, this beverage has a prophylactic effect against summer gastrointestinal poisoning. Plus it saturates the blood with micronutrients. The acidity of white wine is about the same as that of stomach digestive juices and thus improves digestion of protein-rich food.

But of course drinking water is the best way of quenching one's thirst. But we have to be careful when making a selection. Drinking mineral water with a high content of salts for extended periods can be harmful. Table water is the most appropriate.

Dehydration on its own causes serious bodily stress. It can provoke disruptions in the function of the adrenal glands, thereby increasing production of stress hormones. It can also cause depressive states.


When you sweat your body gets rid of very important substances - potassium and sodium. The absence of these lowers nerve conduction, lowers intracellular metabolism, increase the loss of intracellular fluids. This leads to muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

The increased loss of micronutrients and minerals induces sweating. The best solution is plain table water with a spoon of honey or compote of dried fruits. Orange and tomato juice are also suitable but they have to be freshly squeezed.


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