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Snake Meat - Asian Exoticness Not Worth Missing

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Snake Dish

Snake meat is considered an exotic food and astonishes just about anyone who's ever tried it.

The first people to try this type of meat were the inhabitants of China and no matter how strange it may seem to us, snake meat is indeed edible - but only that of nonpoisonous snakes.

The best meat is considered to be the one from female snakes. Typically, they first remove the head, drain out the blood and then remove the skin.

A lot of people compare the taste of snake meat to chicken. It contains large quantities of protein that are crucial for normal human life.

Snake meat has been proven to have a positive effect on potency, vision and blood circulation. Consumption of it helps against high blood pressure, while Asian cultures believe that snake meat helps keep you young and improves skin health.

It has positive effects on the cardiovascular system, it contains vitamins from groups A, E and B, which are important for the proper functioning of metabolism and the nervous system, while thanks to its mineral content it sharpens appetite and is great for the liver and pancreas.

Snake Meat

Although not a popular food in the West, nearly every restaurant in China and Japan offers dishes with snake meat.

The meat can undergo various types of heat treatment, can be made into stew, roasted, braised and boiled and besides all that can be the basis for a wide variety of dishes such as soups, salads, snacks, as well as combined with sauces and spices.

Every exotic product, such as snake meat, needs to meet certain standards in order to be fit for consumption.

- Do not eat the head of a snake under any circumstances, it may be poisonous and in turn pose a health danger.

- The temperature during heat treatment must be no less than 176°F (80 °C), in order to make sure that all existing microbes are killed.

- It's recommended to soak the meat in water and salt and leave it for 2 days, so that any leftover blood is drained away.

- In any case, before you begin to consume or cook snake meat, consult with someone knowledgeable about its culinary preparation.



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