A List of the Tastiest Ice Creams you Could Ever Have


During summer, the most preferred dessert by most people is ice cream and like most culinary inventions, a lot of master chefs try to transform it into a real work of art and a delight for every sense.

Various countries around the world have invested solid amounts of money into coming up with the most delicious ice cream and Foodpanda's list shows which of them are the most delicious.

1. Gelato, Italy - a thick ice cream with a strong aroma, where you can mix of various flavors into a single cup without this having a negative impact on the unique aromas you've mixed.


2. Mochi, Japan - a scoop of sticky ice cream, covered with a thin layer of flour. It's made from rice, with flavors added, which you can enjoy from the very 1st bite.


3. Helado, Argentina - taste-wise it's close to the Italian gelato but differs from it by the generous amounts of caramel with which it is made.


4. Ais kacang, Malaysia - this ice cream is a mixture of aloe, condensed milk, corn, palm fruits and a lot of water. This entire mixture is frozen and when ready it can cool you off even on the hottest of days.


5. Dondurma, Turkey - a traditional Turkish ice cream with a sticky texture that needs to be eaten quickly because it melts easily when temperatures are high.


6. Spaghettieis, Germany - this ice cream is an amazing combination between the vanilla ice cream we all know, along with potato starch and with strawberry jam and white chocolate generously poured on top.


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